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#30 Season 1 Episode 8

Nashville Rewind

Release Date: 08/28/2016

Well Hello there!!  We rewind Nashville Rewind to Season 1 Episode 8 "Where He Leads Me".

Juliette meets QB Sean's family.  Teddy comes clean to Rayna on the embezzlement with Peggy.  Rayna needs answers from Coleman and Tandy.  Avery gets a job offer for his group but he is the only one wanted.  Deacon meets with his old band, The Revel Kings who want Deacon to tour with the band. (they are all sober now).  Haley gets Scarlett a gig with a new band.  Gunner professes his love for Scarlett after Haley gives him the boot.  Rayna goes to the source, however the source gets wheeled away in an ambulance for taking too many pills.  Juliette learns the QB's Mom doesn't want her "dating" her son.  Deacon tries to give Juliette a letter from her Mom that doesn't go over so well. Rayna helps Deacon decide to join the Revel Kings. Juliette asks Sean to marry her.


When The right One Comes Along----Gunner

Peace in The Valley-------Avery

For Your Glory-----------Juliette