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10 Must-knows about Emerald Waterways European River Cruises - TIps For Travellers Podcast #244

Tips For Travellers

Release Date: 10/03/2016


Join me, Gary Bembridge from TipsForTravellers.com, as I share thoughts and tips on how to decide if Emerald Waterways is the right cruise line for you if you are considering a European River cruise.

In the show I cover :

  1. Who Emerald Waterways are.
  2. What they do the same or similar to other river cruise lines.
  3. 10 things to consider when evaluating of they would be right for you.

10 things you need to consider that I discuss are:

  1. Premium.
  2. Added costs.
  3. English language.
  4. Decor.
  5. Innovations.
  6. Emerald Active.
  7. Emerald Plus.
  8. Discover More Tours.
  9. Local Communities.
  10. Suitability of river cruising for you.


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