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Cobra (Episode 37) - Hot Date with Dan and Vicky

Hot Date

Release Date: 10/07/2016

The original 2 hour cut of the Sylvester Stallone starrer Cobra was exceedingly violent and bleak, so much so that the MPAA insisted the film be cut to avoid an X rating. Initially resistant, Stallone and director/producer George P. Cosmatos gave in as much to avoid the dreaded rating as to challenge the highly tracking Tom Cruise movie Top Gun at the box office.  Stallone had recent hits Rambo:First Blood Part II and Rocky 4 and was under pressure to produce another hit.  The heavily edited final version of Cobra did have a huge opening weekend and made money for Warner Bros. but wasn't the hit those previous films were.

Dan and Vicky give us their thoughts on this trash-tastic entry in 1980's big budget sleaze.  They have a few choice words for Sylvester Stallone and his script.  They also recount some of their recently seen including the new Blair Witch, Bridget Jones' Baby, Dario Argento's Dracula and Mother of Tears, a pair of giallo classics Night Train Murders and Short Night of Glass Dolls, the Polish horror oddity Possession and the TV series' Atlanta and Better Things. 

They get serious a little when they talk about the recent spate of police violence and Dan has a bone to pick with the Film Society of Lincoln Center.  Add in some great 1986 tunes and Hot Date 37, Cobra, strikes hard and fast.