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Episode 005 - Oo-de-lally

Starport75 - A Disney Podcast

Release Date: 10/13/2016

  • Follow Up - Last running of the MSEP on 10/9
    • Remembering WDW’s version vs. DL’s version
    • No nighttime parade at WDW now
  • Robin Hood - the Disney animated feature
    • Glenn hasn’t watched it in a long time
    • Glenn and family watched Alice in Wonderland last weekend - woof!
    • Robin Hood has a big place in Chris’ heart
      • He used to listen to the LP when he was a kid
      • The music was classic
  • Hurricane Matthew
  • Promotion: [Red Cross](http://www.redcross.org/)
  • Refresh of Tomorrowland
    • New paint color on the rocks at the entrance
    • New paint and design on Carousel of Progress
    • New LED lighting on Space Mountain
    • New sign at Carousel of Progress
    • Glenn wants to go and photograph
    • Tomorrowland background music
  • Sponsor message
  • Book review - [“Bloodline - Star Wars”](http://amzn.to/2e9Gw8K) by Claudia Gray
  • Episodes 1-5 of Terrific Recordings of Nothing are now posted for download