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NIACW 173 Roxanne

Not In a Creepy Way

Release Date: 10/23/2016

NIACW 414 Synchronic show art NIACW 414 Synchronic

Not In a Creepy Way

Brothers Drew and Eric discuss (and spoil) the latest Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead movie Synchronic. It’s great. Along the way the brothers discuss hallucinogens, synthetic copycat drugs, the V/H/S anthology films, and Moon Knight.

NIACW 413 Captain America Civil War show art NIACW 413 Captain America Civil War

Not In a Creepy Way

What started out as an exploration of epic storytelling by watching all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies in order has turned into mostly a monthly torture session for Brother J. He’s a good sport.

NIACW 412 Tenet show art NIACW 412 Tenet

Not In a Creepy Way

The brothers dissect the movie so nice you’ll need to watch it twice (or you might be frustrated by its extreme density). The standouts are John David Washington and Robert Pattinson.

NIACW 411 Mank show art NIACW 411 Mank

Not In a Creepy Way

Brother J introduces us to Oscar award winning “Mank,” directed by David Fincher. It’s a beautiful film that’s doing a thing. Whether that thing is completely successful is the matter of the brothers’ discussion

NIACW 410 Re-Animator show art NIACW 410 Re-Animator

Not In a Creepy Way

Brother E introduces Drew to the 1985 cult classic “Re-Animator,” which somehow eluded his much-too-young viewing in the VHS era. Watching with modern eyes and in high-definition does this movie no favors

NIACW 409 Ant Man show art NIACW 409 Ant Man

Not In a Creepy Way

The brothers close out MCU phase two with Ant Man. Brother J is not amused. The other brothers, much more so.

NIACW 408 The Lighthouse show art NIACW 408 The Lighthouse

Not In a Creepy Way

Brothers J and Eric discuss the gorgeous Robert Pattinson, Willem Defoe film The Lighthouse. It’s… batshit crazy but really well done

NIACW 407 Tequila Sunrise show art NIACW 407 Tequila Sunrise

Not In a Creepy Way

Brothers J and Drew go back to 1988 and discuss the shortcomings of the Michelle Pfeiffer, Mel Gibson, Kurt Russell film Tequila Sunrise

NIACW 406 Becky show art NIACW 406 Becky

Not In a Creepy Way

Brothers Drew and Eric discuss the Lulu Wilson, Joel McHale, Kevin James film Becky. They spoil it, as always, but the movie is worth hearing about whether or not the genre is your cup of tea.

NIACW 405 Avengers Age of Ultron show art NIACW 405 Avengers Age of Ultron

Not In a Creepy Way

Nearing the end of MCU’s Phase Two is Avengers: Age of Ultron. Drew remains the Avenger defender while J and Eric, while finding the movie fine, weren’t wowed. #avengers #mcu #ultron

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Eric thinks Steve Martin’s Roxanne is great like comfort food; Brother J thinks it’s 2/3 of a good film. After 30 minutes of film talk Eric and J take a train to Audible book talk that goes wildly off the rails at the end. Good times!




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