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28 Audra Jamai: People Do Things

TheoNerd Podcast

Release Date: 10/24/2016

In this episode Andrew and Ben speak with friend, nerd, and now convention colleague Audra Jamai about Arisia: "New England's Largest, Most Diverse Sci-Fi & Fantasy Convention." Audra is the co-chair of the diversity committee for Arisia. There is talk of race, different meanings of increased diversity, the importance of bare feet, and Andrew's glorious shiny head. 

Luke Cage is on Netflix. Watch it. Is good.

Audra says Cleverman is everything. Watch it.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was mentioned. Whether you've watched it or never heard of it, watch it.

Carl Brandon Society - they have awards and scholarships available in efforts to increase racial and ethnic diversity 

Con or Bust - fans of color can get help attending conventions

Email Audra about Arisia: diversity@arisia.org

Email Audra to be her BFF: audra.jamai@icloud.com