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5. Peoples of Middle-earth: Orcs, Trolls, & Wraiths - Prologue 0.5

Green Dragon Live

Release Date: 11/12/2016

Nick is all fired up as we he and Nicholas discuss the baddies of Middle-earth, their origins, their pros, cons, and abilities.

As the discussion about the various peoples comes to a close, we hope that you feel a little more prepared to enter into the world having a little bit of insight as to what to expect from these people and creatures.

Next time we will take a very quick tour through the locations of Middle-earth and try to give some perspective of the scale and distance between the various sites we come across in the story.

Notes from the episode:

Map of Middle-earth

Orch, Yrch, Orc, Uruk, Goblin

What would happen to humans if they lived underground? [A discussion for what it's worth]

What the heck is a Gulper Eel? [video]

Black Numenorians

Sorcerers in Middle-earth

The Lord of the Nazgul

Khamul Lieutenant of the Witch-King

Mouthpiece of Sauron





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