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Jerks in Space Ep 9

liberationindustries's podcast

Release Date: 11/25/2016

In a last ditch attempt to stop Ezriel Mugh from reducing them to mincemeat, the Count, Spanners and Hammer wager Muggin's existence on a game of cards...

Cast, in no particular order...

Sean Morgan as Spanners

Danny Philippa as the Count and Dennis

Uighur Abdulla as Hammer

Paddy Hutchinson as Ezriel Mugh

Liz Koschel as Commblob

Elizabeth Lamb as Pilot

Tom Antioch as Navicom

Jerks in Space owes its genesis to Satyros Comedy Society, a group of up and coming young comedians operating out of Canberra. They continue to do good work. Written by Uighur Abdulla, produced by Paddy Hutchinson. 

Pic is Planet Rise by Bill Lile on Flickr, A/N$/ND