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I Went Down (Episode 41) - Hot Date with Dan and Vicky

Hot Date

Release Date: 12/16/2016

Released in Ireland in 1997 and here in the US a year later, I Went Down was one of the most successful Irish films of the year.  It's story, about low rent Dublin mobsters trading barbs and gunfire, was a departure from the more serious IRA films being produced at the time.  It has a star making turn from Brendan Gleeson, on the verge of breaking big in the worldwide box office with The General, Michael Collins and Mission Impossible 2, playing a character named Bunny Kelly, and a lesser known, but expert, supporting cast in Peter McDonald, Tony Doyle and Peter Caffrey.  

Dan and Vicky return to to the land of Eire (after episode 39's Odd Man Out) to discuss this comedy thriller along with their recently done and seen.  There's chat about surviving political talk at Thanksgiving, older films The Thin Blue Line, Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Raising Cain and Lady Eve, new stuff like Netflix's Amanda Knox, I Am the Pretty Thing that Lives in the House, and Gilmore Girls, and TV series Longmire and Scream.  Our hosts also have some choice words for actors Katee Sackhoff and Chad Michael Murray and the Backstreet Boys make an appearance -- or two!

If they go low, we...get...Down.  With Hot Date 41!  Enjoy and leave us feedback.