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Perfume of the Lady in Black (Episode 42) - Hot Date with Dan and Vicky

Hot Date

Release Date: 12/30/2016

With only a few documentaries and short films on his resume, Francesco Barilli embarked on his first narrative feature, Perfume of the Lady in Black in 1973 Italy. The film was inspired by research Barilli had been doing on voodoo rituals and cannibalism and had less in common with the traditional stalk and slash giallos Italy was pumping out at the time.  He enlisted American expat Mimsy Farmer, who had moved to Europe when her acting career in the states seemed to be stalling, as his tortured lead.  Farmer, named after a line in a Lewis Carroll novel, would take to the genre and appear in several giallo/horror thrillers of the period.

Dan and Vicky love the sub-genre and discuss how this idiosyncratic film differs from a traditional giallo.  They also catch us up on their recently seen including two older Hitchcock thrillers Saboteur and Shadow of a Doubt, Truffaut's Day for Night, 1967's Valley of the Dolls, the Madonna concert film Rebel Heart and the new movies La La Land and The Autopsy of Jane Doe.  They introduce a new segment a la Doug Benson called the Corrections Department and talk about their holiday preparations.  

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