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Mogambo (Episode 43) - Hot Date with Dan and Vicky

Hot Date

Release Date: 01/13/2017

Director John Ford hadn't seen the film Red Dust when he agreed to direct its 1953 remake Mogambo but was intrigued by the challenge of bringing his skills with filming the wide open spaces of the American West to the African serengeti.  For his male lead he chose Clark Gable, in desperate need of a hit in his middle age. Ava Gardner, who brought along contentious boyfriend Frank Sinatra to the African location shoot, and Grace Kelly, rumored to have started a torrid affair with Gable, played the love interests.  

Besides discussing the steamy and wild Mogambo and some of the backstage tensions that informed it, our Hot Date hosts catch us up on their recently seen. Vicky gives her thoughts on The Seven Samurai, Manchester by the Sea, Collateral Beauty, the doc Harmontown and her new blu-ray of A Hard Day's Night. Dan talks about George Romero's Martin, Cold in July, Prometheus, and 1971's Kiss of the Tarantula.  Their chat also leads them to the passing of Carrie Fisher and George Michael and the music and world events of October 1953. 

A three way with Clark Gable, Ava Gardner and Grace Kelly in the African jungle! 1953's Mogambo is on Hot Date.  Leave us some feedback.