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#33 Season 5 Episode 3

Nashville Rewind

Release Date: 01/18/2017

This week's podcast features Episode 3 'Lets Put It Back Together Again'.  Juliette searches for her "angel".  Maddie gets a job interning at a recording studio. We meet You Tuber- Ashley Willerman (Bridget Mendler).  Maddie gets a love interest while out to get coffee.  Avery has his hands full and considers his options after his friends call him a "Wacko Magnet".  Rayna meets with Scarlett and Gunnar about making a music video.  Juliette gets peed on.  Maddie gets fired.  Deacon and Maddie discuss unfinished business.  Geekboy steals Rayna's personal effects.  Juliette learns that God has a plan for her.




A Few Steps My Way---Clay


On My Way---Juliette Barnes