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Ghosts Of The Caribbean with Kasey & Brad Wallis

The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth

Release Date: 01/20/2017


The Outer Limits of Inner Truth Proudly Presents an Introspective Interview with Kasey & Brad Wallis

Kasey & Brad Wallis are conduits for an intelligence named Julius who offers messages of empowerment for an enlightened humanity. They also are creators and host of a new TV show "Ghosts Of The Caribbean."

During a near death experience, Brad Wallis was visited by a Higher Light Teaching Group. This group of enlightened beings provided Brad with incredible information regarding how our human existence came to be, and what our souls are doing on this plane.

Brad and the group agreed that he would return to this earthly realm. The group would aid in his recovery and together, with the collaboration of “another,” would teach human beings. Upon awakening in the hospital, Brad’s now wife Kasey began to channel the group. Over the coming months and years, the group continued regular communication with Brad. They guided Brad through a healing process for his severe brain injury and away from financial ruin.

At first Brad & Kasey kept these astounding conversations to themselves. But over time they started sharing with live audiences so that others could ask questions and receive information from the group. They were also led to entitle the group “Julius”, after one of the group members who had shared significant past life experience with Brad.

Bringing information to the masses is Brad and Kasey’s journey this time around. They believe that communication with Julius can and will transform lives in ways like never before. Julius’s teachings offer wisdom in consciousness, expansion, ascension, and finally mastering this realm.

Discover what your journey is about and how to become the highest version of yourself so you are no longer living in lack and need. Join Kasey, Brad and Julius in these powerful discussions where you can ask the question… ‘Why?”