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St Maarten Caribbean - Tips For Travellers Podcast #257

Tips For Travellers

Release Date: 01/30/2017

In this episode of the podcast Gary Bembridge of TipsForTravellers.com, visits St Maarten in the Caribbean to provide tips for travellers on the 10 must-see sights and attractions. In addition he also provides some key observations, historical highlights, best time to visit, getting there and around and general tips and advice.

Saint Maarten is unique is the Caribbean as its truly an Island of two halves - half French and half Dutch dominated. Two capitals on one gorgeous and lush island. Its a mix of gorgeous Caribbean beaches, duty and tax free shopping, with french flair and fine dining and dutch partying thrown in.

The episode covers the following must-see sights and attractions:

  1. Explore Philipsburg.
  2. Explore Marigot.
  3. Explore the Forts close to Philipsburg.
  4. St Maarten Park.
  5. Coterie Farm near Pic Paradis (highest point on island).
  6. Grand Case.
  7. Beaches - 37 key ones in all!
  8. Maho Beach where planes land.
  9. St Maarten Museum.
  10. Boat trips and water sports

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