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#39 Season 5 Episode 9

Nashville Rewind

Release Date: 02/27/2017

Heartbreaking and Devastating! What more can be said?  We try and make sense of the extreme pain and sadness as fans that we have had to endure.  We discuss real life Connie Britton, her choice to leave the show and what it means for the future of Nashville CMT.  We discuss all those final interactions Rayna had with the other characters and what it might mean down the road.  Need help navigating this tragedy?  We have possible answers.  This is not an episode you should miss and we try and put things into perspective.  We hope you stay with Nashville CMT and the Nashville Rewind Podcast!

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If Tomorrow Never Comes----Garth Brooks

To Make You Feel My Love-----Daphne (Maise Stella)

A Life That's Good--------------Maddie & Daphne