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Devil John Ep 6: Just Pigs Pt 3

liberationindustries's podcast

Release Date: 03/09/2017

The dark turns of our story come to their ending, and one final question is asked of the posse dogging Devil John's fleeing footsteps; who is the man... and who is the pig?

Our rogues gallery, as this time we have left the Demiurge to do his own scut-work:

Belle Summers, a hardened and ambitious bounty hunter, devoted templar of Toren the Strong.

Padre Callehandro, an ill starred and haunted priest, vessel to Thoth'char the Patient.

Joe, an escaped slave and once holy man, labelled "the Blackfoot" by his pursuers and favoured goad of the terrifying Smiling Jim. 

Leyla Kensington, a falsely accused sororicide hunting her tormentors in the footsteps of Thane the Vengeful.

Lottie, a well bred young woman lost to madness, now companion to the charming Mr Alistaire. 

The setting is Benevolence, a slowly dying former trading town with a bordello full of spies, animals getting far too clever, and a decrepit gravedigger who knows just a little too much...

Pic is Gunslinger by Kenneth Lu on Flickr, CC A.