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MGW #11: Lee Cockerell - Build Self Awareness

Mighty Good Work

Release Date: 05/03/2017

MGW #22 - Putting Core Values to Work show art MGW #22 - Putting Core Values to Work

Mighty Good Work

Here are some action items taken from the episode to help you put your company's core values to work: Step 1: To get your company values off the wall, and actually working in your organization from top to bottom, make sure INTEGRITY tops the list. Without integrity, your other values are just suggestions. Step 2: Define integrity. Don’t take for granted that everyone knows what it means. Many companies define integrity as, “do the right thing.” The problem with that is... people can and do argue all day about what the right thing is. A more practical definition for integrity is...

MGW #21 - “Anxiety Free Workplace” with Bud Torcom show art MGW #21 - “Anxiety Free Workplace” with Bud Torcom

Mighty Good Work

GUEST: Bud Torcom https://mazamamedia.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/budtorcom/ Twitter: @BudTorcom     HIGHLIGHTS FROM OUR CONVERSATION:   Bud Torcom’s Big Hairy Audacious Goal is an anxiety free workplace.   I’ve wanted to treat people the way I want to be treated and work in the kind of workplace I’d want to be working in.   As a digital marketing company, being in the office for normal business hours isn’t necessary.   We’re on a constant, steady drip of the stress hormone, cortisol. OUr bodies did not evolve for a constant cortisol drip. Anxiety...

MGW #20 - “Dream Big. Perform Big” with Dan Ralphs_01 show art MGW #20 - “Dream Big. Perform Big” with Dan Ralphs_01

Mighty Good Work

GUEST: Dan Ralphs www.thedreamblog.com Twitter: @dreamtolead https://www.linkedin.com/in/dan-ralphs/ HIGHLIGHTS FROM OUR CONVERSATION:   You can’t teach another person anything they don’t want to learn. They have to choose to learn it. If you can’t motivate people to choose to learn and grow, you won’t be very successful as a teacher… or as a leader.   There’s a magic lever you can use to awaken that intrinsic motivation. It’s the question, “What’s the future for you? I’m an advocate for you.” Give them ownership of their future.   We’re afraid of...

MGW #19 - You’re Doing Conflict Wrong show art MGW #19 - You’re Doing Conflict Wrong

Mighty Good Work

There’s a lot out there about how to reduce conflict at work. A lot of the stuff out there is very good.   This episode is about transforming conflict, and using it to your advantage. If conflict seems like something to avoid… If it seems like something you can win… Then, you’re doing it wrong.   We’ve got a companion blog post you can read. For those of you who don’t have time for well thought out articles, here’s your Mighty Good Work ADEPTability Skills Checklist:   Slow Down   Your primitive brain, and the fight or flight response is powerful, but it’s...

MGW #18 - Culture for Recruiting show art MGW #18 - Culture for Recruiting

Mighty Good Work

From THE YES WORKS, this is MIGHTY GOOD WORK. A podcast built on the stories of people and companies who are making good work happen. Whether it’s work as a place to be, work as a product or service, or work as a way to spend your life, we will be talking to those who are committed to excellence and who are succeeding in bringing Mighty Good Work into existence.

MGW #17 - “Happy Side-Effects of Channel Partnership” with Jen Spencer show art MGW #17 - “Happy Side-Effects of Channel Partnership” with Jen Spencer

Mighty Good Work

GUEST: Jen Spencer https://www.allbound.com/ Twitter: @JenSpencer https://www.linkedin.com/in/jenspencer/ jspencer@allbound.com HIGHLIGHTS FROM OUR CONVERSATION:   Your partners are a natural extension of your sales, marketing, and customer success teams. And they should be treated as such.   These relationships and their health starts at the top.   Fear, uncertainty, and a lack of trust can erode the health of those partner relationships.   What would help your partners be successful in the partnership. Give them access to all information and control that will help them...

MGW #16 - “Drive Learning and Growth” with Elaine Lin Hering show art MGW #16 - “Drive Learning and Growth” with Elaine Lin Hering

Mighty Good Work

GUEST: Elaine Lin Hering http://triadconsultinggroup.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/elainelinhering/ lin@diffcon.com   Across industries, people say that feedback conversations are their most difficult conversations -- both giving and receiving.   ONe the receiving end, it’s triggering. On the giving end, you may cause a trigger in the receiver, and you don’t know how it’s being received.   Three kinds of feedback: Positive feedback: appreciation Coaching: guidance for improved effectiveness Evaluation: Tracking against expectations   In order to learn and thrive...

MGW #14 - “Thriving Business/ Product, Process, and People” with Eric Johnson show art MGW #14 - “Thriving Business/ Product, Process, and People” with Eric Johnson

Mighty Good Work

GUEST: Eric Johnson -- CFO of Nintex    Nintex is a leader in workflow and content automation. Making more time in workflow for what really matters.   The Eric Johnson approach: When I make a commitment, I deliver on that commitment. That builds respect and trust. Caring about people, and hold a mark of high integrity. And look for creating benefit for everyone.   If you’re great to work with, and you do great work, life goes pretty well.   We’ve never taken venture capital to fund operations.   How are we achieving excellence, growth and recognition? It’s a...

MGW #13 - “The Employee Experience Advantage” with Jacob Morgan show art MGW #13 - “The Employee Experience Advantage” with Jacob Morgan

Mighty Good Work

GUEST: Jacob Morgan -- Founder of The Future Organization   https://thefutureorganization.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacobmorgan8/ Engagement efforts have failed. There’s a lot of investment in surveys and measurement, but the numbers -- and the practices that drive those numbers -- don’t change.   Engagement is a result of core workplace practices. It’s not affected long-term by perks. We know when perks are installed to manipulate us.   Employment day 1, everyone is engaged. Then, slowly, the organization breaks people down, and trains them to become disengaged....

MGW #12: “Cultivating a Business Improviser’s Mindset” with Greg Towne and Aaron Schmookler show art MGW #12: “Cultivating a Business Improviser’s Mindset” with Greg Towne and Aaron Schmookler

Mighty Good Work

Today, a departure from our usual format. Instead of host, today I’m the guest on another podcast. The host of the “Go Time” podcast, Greg Towne of Greg Towne Training invited me to be his guest. I enjoyed the conversation so much that we’ve decided to share it with you.   Today, instead of the interviewer, I’m the interviewed. And I’ll be talking about what makes for effective training, why accountability is not a  burden, but a great grace, and the way having a kid has shaped my career.   Thanks to Greg and Go Time for having me on their show, and allowing us to...

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GUEST: Lee Cockerell - Executive Vice President, Disney World


Lee's website - www.leecockerell.com

Time Management Magic Course - www.timemagiccourse.com

Lee Cockerell has had a long and storied career in Hospitality, starting as a banquet waiter for Hilton, later helping put Marriott on the map, and eventually retiring after 10 years as Executive Vice President of Disney World.


Now, Lee’s professional life is dedicated to sharing the wisdom he’s gathered over the years. Lee, you’re conducting workshops, delivering keynotes, doing a podcast of your own with our mutual friend, Jody Maberry, and consulting with leaders who care enough to become great.


So I’m really glad to have Lee Cockerell on our show, dedicated to helping you create Mighty Good Work.


Here are a few notes from our conversation.


When you’re the boss, your behavior can have a profound effect on the people who work for you.


Intimidation behaviors stem from low self-confidence. If you’re finding people intimidated by you… check your own confidence level.


Consider your authority and status when interacting with people.


Ask yourself, “Who am I?” Do people trust you?


Success boosts your confidence level.


“The world needs less big, bad bosses, and we need more teachers… Role-modeling is a gigantic responsibility.” Don’t underestimate the power of it.


Management is defined as the act of controlling. Keeping important aspects of business on track requires a great deal of organization.


With better organization, most people could get 50% more done.


Train, test the effectiveness of your training, and respect the responsibility of being a role-model.


Management is what to do. Leadership is how to be. How to be there for people. How to be a person of honesty and integrity. To be a person who can have the hard conversations. We can be more respectful, and more respectable.


What can I do, and how can I improve my behavior?


Have people in your life who will tell you the truth about how you’re doing and who you’re being.


We do not see ourselves the way other people see us.

Take a good look at the things you believe. Don’t believe everything your parents told you. Don’t believe everything you hear. Don’t believe everything your culture has led you to believe.


Treat people as individuals. Not as a group.


People only change in two ways: Education or crisis. Make it easy for your boss to tell you the hard truths -- so you can learn by education rather than through crisis.


The people who are close to you can give you great feedback about even your professional life. Listen. Give them credence.


Life is all connected. Physical health, family health, emotional health… These all affect your performance throughout your life including at work. You can’t have one personality at home, and a different one at work.


Take stock on a regular basis. Strive consistently.


Change is tough. It takes time. There are setbacks.


People will tell you the truth if you’re consistent about setting the environment where people are not afraid of you one bit.


Plan your day for effectiveness, not by default.


Look to the future. Start putting things on your calendar, and have it before you need it. Do it now so the things that come up later have space, and your life doesn’t get out of control.


Your personality must not conflict with your responsibilities. Effectiveness has requirements.


Be careful what you say and do. People are making meaning from everything they observe of you.


Culture starts at the top, and it affects attitudes.


Don’t stay in a job that’s changing you for the worse. Move on.


Three things that make the difference: 1) Hire the right people. 2) Train people. Test the training. Enforce the training. Train them so well their confidence skyrockets. 3) Create a culture where people know they’re valued, and they want to come to work.


You can’t find the time. You must make time.


Books by Lee:


The Customer Rules

Creating Magic

Career Magic

Time Management Magic


Lee's website - www.leecockerell.com

Time Management Magic Course - www.timemagiccourse.com