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Casino Royale (Episode 52) - Hot Date with Dan and Vicky

Hot Date

Release Date: 06/09/2017

Movie producer Charles K. Feldman (A Streetcar Named Desire, What's New Pussycat?) was in a bind with the rights to the first James Bond novel, Ian Fleming's Casino Royale.  Albert Broccoli, Howard Saltzman and Eon Productions had beat him to the punch, releasing four successful Bond films with star Sean Connery, and using many of Casino Royale's best set pieces.  Feldman felt the only feasible way to approach the story was in a psychedelic, satiric direction, hiring five directors and a who's who of sixties movie stars to blow up and blow out the James Bond story to epically wacky proportions.  David Niven, Peter Sellers, Ursula Andress, Deborah Kerr, Woody Allen, Orson Welles, Joanna Petit, John Huston and Barbara Bouchet star.  

Dan and Vicky have fun trying to make sense of this very odd addition to the James Bond legacy.  They also talk about a car accident and FaceTime affecting their Mother's Day plans, Dan getting cast in the new web series "West 40s" and Dan's surprise phone conversation with a Casino Royale star!  

Recently seen includes discussions of older films like Scorsese's King of Comedy and After Hours, Woody Allen's Manhattan, 1942's Mrs. Miniver, and George Romero's Martin and newer films like Paul Verhoeven's Elle, Snatched, and Guardians of the Galaxy 2.  TV talk includes Master of None, Kimmy Schmidt and Great News.  

Hot Date 52 gives you that Look of Love with 1967's Casino Royale.  Take a listen and give us some feedback.