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Shadowrun Anarchy Ep 2: Total Johnsons Pt 1

liberationindustries's podcast

Release Date: 06/15/2017

Having been arrested for breaking and entering, Kristoph the Accountant and Ren the Hotelier must pay their debt to society in a secret illegal research lab. Meanwhile, Jury the Mechanic must scam a bounty hunter with very strange dress sense, an inconsistent accent and... a katana.

Only in Shadowrun I suppose...

To sink your teeth into Lee's written works, head to Whimsy and Metaphor. Second season of the Ferryman's Apprentice is live, and its a kicker! 

Shadowrun Anarchy is a product of Catalyst Game labs. Check it out. 

Pic is Shadowrun Seattle by Liqueur_Felix on FLickr, CC A N$.