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74 Han Solo Drama & the Top 5 Underrated Comic Book Movies!

Comic Confidential: A Pop Culture Podcast

Release Date: 06/25/2017

On this week’s emotionally charged episode we show concern as the upcoming HAN SOLO movie loses its directors. We show confusion as we discuss the MCU/Sony SPIDER- MAN: HOMECOMING deal that nobody seems to understand. We show excitement as we talk about a potential WATCHMEN TV series and we show bewilderment, trepidation and downright rage as we discuss another Fox FANTASTIC 4 film! PLUS we bring your our TOP 5 most underrated comic book movies of all time! Whether you agree with our lists, have something different to add or just want to fight us on the internet, let us know! Thanks to those of you who submitted listener questions for the show this week. If you want to get on board and have your recorded question played on the show and answered by us, just call the number in the show notes below!


News: 2:00

Top 5: 24:41

Listener Questions: 50:22


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