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#230 - Richard Lighthouse

The Grimerica Show

Release Date: 07/01/2017

#376 - Daniel Sitaram Das Shankin show art #376 - Daniel Sitaram Das Shankin

The Grimerica Show

Daniel Sitaram Shankin joins us to talk about the upcoming Psilocybin Summit. We chat about the potentials and benefits of meditation and psilocybin, microdosing, our cultural challenges, good trips vs bad trips, 920 Coalition, old tyme yoga, the chakras, the John Hopkins studies, science and the future of this plant medicine

#375 - Jon Sumple Extraordinary: The Seeding show art #375 - Jon Sumple Extraordinary: The Seeding

The Grimerica Show

Jon Sumple joins us to talk about the new doc Extraordinary: The Seeding. This is the 2nd doc in a Trilogy on alien contact and abductions. We chat about the process, the people and the different types of evidence that there may actually be a hybrid program of some sorts going on.

#374 - Ben Vonderheide show art #374 - Ben Vonderheide

The Grimerica Show

Ben Vonderheide joins us to talk about the mystery of the Nomoli stones and statues. We have a great chat about the stranger aspect of these, the dogon, constellations, strange healings, and Easter Island.

#373 - Dr. Thomas Roberts show art #373 - Dr. Thomas Roberts

The Grimerica Show

Thomas Roberts Ph.D is back to talk about his new book “Mind Apps - Multistate Theory and Tools for Mind Design”. We chat about mind-body states vs consciousness, perenatal memories, altered states, extended consciousness, healing from addiction and much more.

#372 - Alberta Sasquatch & Mountain Beast Mysteries show art #372 - Alberta Sasquatch & Mountain Beast Mysteries

The Grimerica Show

Keenan from Alberta Sasquatch and Justin from Mountain Beast Mysteries join us to talk about Sasquatch sightings and encounters in Alberta. We chat about each of their experiences with the strange. We talk about the current culture and believe of Sasquatch, and sightings that go back to the 1800’s… We speculate about the possible answers to this mystery, unreasonable fear, missing 411, mindspeak, and peddling certainty.

#371 - Scott Wolter show art #371 - Scott Wolter

The Grimerica Show

Scott Wolter joins us to chat about America Unearthed, and The Constitution. We also get into Freemasonry, his journey from Forensic Geologist to create this show investigating ancient mysteries that have been deliberately hidden or covered up

#370 - Rizwan Virk show art #370 - Rizwan Virk

The Grimerica Show

Rizwan Virk joins us to chat about his book The Simulation Hypothesis - An MIT Computer Scientist Shows Why AI, Quantum Physics, and Eastern Mystics All Agree We Are In a Video Game,

#370 - Rizwan Virk show art #370 - Rizwan Virk

The Grimerica Show

Rizwan Virk joins us to chat about his book The Simulation Hypothesis - An MIT Computer Scientist Shows Why AI, Quantum Physics, and Eastern Mystics All Agree We Are In a Video Game,

#369 - John McAfee show art #369 - John McAfee

The Grimerica Show

John McAfee joins us again, and this time we chat more about his message of freedom, and running for President in the Libertarian party to bring this message to a wider audience. We chat about secrecy and transparency, censorship, serving the people, blockchain / crypto, and the information government complex.

#368 - Justin Giefer show art #368 - Justin Giefer

The Grimerica Show

Justin Giefer of the “The Jindo” youtube channel joins us to chat about ancient mysteries and alternative history. We chat about genetic drift, Homo Erectus, the Crannogs, the seed race, time before the ice age, sea-level rise and hidden cultures

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Interview starts 36:35

Richard Lighthouse joins us and we chat about the “lighthouse” affect - the actual frequency (1.39 Thz) of the Universe. The universe is actually blinking on and off, and matching that frequency could affect time. We chat about scientists looking for a solution between the quantum and newtonian physics, how technology has possibly been developed around this “lighthouse” frequency, what the Seth material says about this. 

We also get into the “Hutchison affect”, 911 and Judy Woods work, and some of our previous episodes like the Electric Universe theory.




In the intro we tease an upcoming episode on Darren’s vacation and Graham’s trip to Red Pill Expo. We read some listener synchro’s, and some feedback from one of our newer listeners. 


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