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Aikido: The Art of Peace with Brian Levy Sensei

Whole Body Mental Health Radio

Release Date: 02/09/2017

Robert Brian Levy Sensei is the founder and chief instructor of NOLA Aikido, where he teaches this art of peace to children and adults of all ages in metro New Orleans as well as at seminars in the US and in Europe. He holds the rank of 4th dan (black belt). A native of Louisiana, Brian Sensei has spent more than twenty years practicing aikido, primarily in Europe. He returned to New Orleans in 2007, where he first established the dojo in Bywater before moving to its present location in New Orleans’s Mid-City. In addition to Aikido practice, he has also pursued in-depth studies of qigong, daito-ryu aikijujitsu, as well as other contemplative and integrative practices. Other pursuits include languages, language revitalization, translation, theater, visual arts, and spoken word performance.