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Mindful Lawyering with Keith Werhan

Whole Body Mental Health Radio

Release Date: 03/18/2016

Keith Werhan holds the Ashton Phelps Chair in Constitutional Law at Tulane University Law School, and is a ‪‎yoga‬ instructor at Freret Street Yoga. He teaches and writes in the constitutional law area, with a special emphasis on the First Amendment freedoms of expression and of religion. At Tulane, Keith offers a regular yoga class to law students, and each semester, he co-teaches a class on ‪mindful lawyering‬. The class introduces students to ‪mindfulness‬ practices, with a special emphasis on seated ‪meditation‬, and helps to guide students toward cultivating a mindful approach to their legal studies and their lives as lawyers. At Freret Street Yoga, Keith offers a weekly class in ‪restorative yoga‬, as well as periodic series of classes for beginners. He also teaches traditional yoga classes. He has received special training in leading yoga classes for older practitioners.