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Episode 56: Source Code 2 Vial Not Found

The Birds of Prey Podcast

Release Date: 07/17/2017

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey 12, moves the story right along with guest appearance from Selina Kyle...Catwoman.  Calculator has gotten himself in too deep, and now his family are being held hostage at Terracare, a company claiming to be eco-friendly.  Although they are not keen on helping out former foe the Calculator, the Birds agree that with a mother and children involved, they must lend their service to saving innocents.  


Catwoman stole something from the vaults of Terracare that has lead to the kidnapping.  The Birds are a little hesitant about contacting Catwoman. They don't know how she might react with them telling her that she is going to have to return the jewels back to Terracare.   Batgirl was right.  As you can see above, Catwoman for one, didn't appreciate the ruse that Batgirl played on her, which involves the Batman, and Batgirl placing her nose in Catwoman's business.  I'm totally surprised that Bruce played that game.  He will answer to Selina later, I'm sure.


Belle and Sebastion Link  The Cartoon Ashford mentioned during the preamble.  



Say Girl Say is the music you heard during the break.  The song is called Feather People


 https://www.facebook.com/saywhitnow/ Great Houston band.  Female lead singer with a wonderful voice, and the band gets funky and rock out.



Have not seen this band live, but the music sounds awesome.