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#48 Season 5 Episode 19

Nashville Rewind

Release Date: 07/26/2017

We talk about the Nashville USA tour and opening night in Orlando.  We meet Chip for the 3rd time.  He still is the coolest dude on the planet!!

Then we recap Ep 19. Nobody does sad like show-runners Marshall H & Ed Z.  This episode was well written and acted.  The drama continues.  Scarlett loses her baby.  Juliette needs to sing a stolen song with Maddie.  Deacon confides Scarlett's issue to Jessie.  Jessie meets Scarlett by accident and we discover they have much in common  (She miscarried at one time too).  Gunner is upset and manages to find the gun toting teen himself and beats him up.  Maddie finds out about Juliette's dishonesty in regards to her hit song and throws a drink in her face.  Gunner gets an offer from Avery to join his tour in TX.  Scarlett and Gunner break up AGAIN.  Juliette apologizes but doesn't get a resolution. Scarlett makes a passionate speech at a fundraiser.  Montage time.  We learn the name Scarlett picked out for her baby--Amelia Rose.