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Episode 6 - How to hire the right person to run your Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads with a Twang

Release Date: 08/07/2017

This episode is actually quite a bit longer than the usual episodes. Mainly because there is a lot more to consider.


Hiring somebody can really be a sigh of relief or a source of stress.


I’m giving some practical tips as to where to find somebody and what to ask them when you do.

I’ll be answering questions like:


  • Do you see hiring someone to manage your Facebook ads as an expense to be managed or an asset that drives revenue?


  • Are you looking for someone to just input the ads or a Facebook marketing expert that can strategize your campaigns?


  • Why it is important for you to understand how to Facebook ads yourself even if you’re going to hire someone else to run them.


Find out why 99% of responses when asking for Facebook ads manager recommendations in a Facebook group are probably not a good idea.


Also, you’ll discover the 4 key questions you should be asking anyone you’re considering to take over your Facebook ad duties.  These are crucial and will help you see a different perspective.

I covered A LOT!   So feel free to contact me with additional questions. superman@onefocusmarketing.com