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Happy Playces Podcast #32 with Ylodia Robinson

Happy Playces podcast

Release Date: 08/03/2017

Episode #32 is with Ylodia Robinson, a dedicated wife, loving mom of two, and author of Polishing Treasures: Unveiling Your Worth and Purpose. She was born in Jamaica and has lived all over the world. During her time in Barbados, she wrote her book which is full of honesty and openness about own experiences and the importance of pursuing an active, real relationship with Jesus Christ!  We talk about being polished in this relationship with God and seeing ourselves through God’s eyes as a treasure!

She and I chat about how her personal life experiences encouraged her to write her book. The struggle of gratification verses fulfillment and feeling complete!  She opens up about wanting to write the book, but didn’t know How! Asking herself, “who am I to write a book?” and kept pushing it to the side? Ultimately praying about what direction and asked the Lord to guide her!! When He answered her prayer, He said, “Start with the TRUTH and I will guide you!”

You’ll love her story about Birthstones; in relation to how we are cut, molded, and shaped! The process is “hot” and takes time, just as we are cultivated and shaped in the eyes of Christ! While writing about the personal parts of her story, she was shifted from being more concerned with what others thought and how God is using parts of her story to help others!! Such an encouraging conversation for us to share and lift each other up! This book is such a blessing to everyone who reads it!

Definitely check out her on Facebook; Ylodia Robinson. If you haven’t read her book, treat yourself to a copy, Polishing Treasures:Unveiling Your Worth and Purpose and the Reflection Journal!

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