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#236 - Irlianna Samsara

The Grimerica Show

Release Date: 08/12/2017

#567 - Greg Paul show art #567 - Greg Paul

The Grimerica Show

Interview starts at 19:40   Greg Paul of The Sovereigns Way is in Grimerica to chat about his journey into freedom, and facing your fears. We chat about our rights, the diminishment of titles and positions, the game and the instructions, the key in law to express rights, and removing controversy.   We also get into real repentance, practical spirituality, false beliefs, reality vs fiction, writing notices, law for mankind, and what doesn't work within all the other common law type movements. Do you fulfill your obligations or can we exit the matrix, or have one foot in and out. ...

#566 - Joseph Seelbie show art #566 - Joseph Seelbie

The Grimerica Show

Interview starts at 32:55   Joseph Selbie joins us for a great chat about his new book “Break Through the Limits of the Brain - Neuroscience, Inspiration and Practices to Transform Your Life”. We chat about this non local reality, some of the latest neuroscience, control vs. being controlled, memories from past lives, magic happens here, science and spirituality, and developing the practice.    We also get into creating new pathways, respecting the circuit, ancient mystics and sages, the highjacking of materialism, importance of meditation, and new thoughts.    ...

#565 - Michael Michailidis show art #565 - Michael Michailidis

The Grimerica Show

Interview starts at 35:00   Michael Michailidis from On Tyranny and Ancient Greece Revisited joins us for a great chat on why it's important to understand the past politically and philosophically. Ancient Greece and Rome etc...   We talk about whitewashing of Greece, languages, political correctness, mass culture, the ottoman empire, masculinity, revolts of the Elites, SJW's, and bringing meta physics back into geo politics.   Eugenics, dialectical materialism, ritual torture, Joseph Campbell, Mythos and the disintegration of the Hero's journey, relativism, self destruction and...

#564 - Linda Yael Schiller - PTSDreams show art #564 - Linda Yael Schiller - PTSDreams

The Grimerica Show

Interview starts at 36:55   Linda Yael Schiller joins us for a great chat about her book “PTSDreams - Transforming Your Nightmares from Trauma Through Healing Dreamwork” and utilizing your dreams for healing and also recognizing the difference between nightmares and attacks.    We talk about understanding dreams from a pyscho spiritual perspective, dream work, intention, medical trauma, mystical branches, other types of healing modalities, grocking, asking questions, making friends with your monster, cabala and dream incubations.    Darren talks about his boyhood...

#563 - Four Arrows and Darcia Narvaez show art #563 - Four Arrows and Darcia Narvaez

The Grimerica Show

Interview starts at 32:00   Four Arrows and Darcia join us to chat about "Restoring the Kinship Worldview - Indigenous Voices Introduce 28 Precepts for  Rebalancing Life on Planet Earth". We chat about Four Arrows NDE, the destruction of indigenous spirituality by materialism, worldviews, unschooling, intimations for boys and how parents can let their kids live and grow in a proactive way.   The Indian Act, singing to the monster, hunting initiations, the shamans message, and the hierarchy of needs we also chat about. We are also joined at the end spontaneously at the end by one...

#562 - Rachel Varga show art #562 - Rachel Varga

The Grimerica Show

Interview starts at 37:40   Rachel Varga joins us to chat about what is radiance, skin problems, spiritual practice, biohacking, toxic beauty products for women, and how we can be authentic with no pure being.   We also get into mindset, fasting, skin - the largest organ, silver blankets, protection from EMF, cleansing and parasites, how out of touch the implant and beauty industry has been and how it's making a turn back to some semblance or normalcy.     In the intro talk about the Tychos video, the book - Behaviour of Crowds, and outlawed books as well. Adult brain is...

#561 - Mario Buildreps show art #561 - Mario Buildreps

The Grimerica Show

Interview starts at 43:30   Mario Buildreps joins us to chat about his teams research into ancient sites and their relation to 5 past poles. We chat about how he found out about all this alignments, how it is possible for his team to do this research, the myth of settled science, ages of history and how different it may really be.   We also get into glaciation cycles, the dinosaurs, mega fauna, catastrophe, earth expansion, earth crust displacement, 1200 ancient structures, mega cities, and the new future of ancient knowledge with tech like Lidar becoming readily available. ...

#560 - Simon Shack and Patrik Holmqvist - Tychos Model show art #560 - Simon Shack and Patrik Holmqvist - Tychos Model

The Grimerica Show

Interview starts at 33:33   Simon Shack and Patrik Holmqvist join us for a fascinating chat about Simon’s Neo Tycho model of our solar system and the amazing Tychosium - 3d interactive model representation of the Binary - Sun and Mars. This is based on accurate observational data and Tycho’s theory.    We chat about the Copernican revolutions, the geo centric view, Tycho Brahe, esoteric numbers, ancient cultures, the moon (driveshaft of our system), the analemma, the problem with Mars, How many systems are accepted as binary!, stellar demorphosis, the parallax, and more...

#559 - John Bush show art #559 - John Bush

The Grimerica Show

Interview starts at 23:00   John Bush joins us for a great chat about Exit and Build, relaunching the Freedom Cells, and Live Free Academy. We talk about adding value, law of attraction, acceptance of abundance, charging money, mindset, strategy, tribes, freedom comparisons, crypto exchanges, parallel systems, revolts, homesteading, taxes and sociocracies.   The collapse is already happening, what do we focus on now.    From John…. The Exit and Build Land Summit -    This was a three day event we put on aimed at helping people exit the cities and...

#558 - Matthew Lohmeier show art #558 - Matthew Lohmeier

The Grimerica Show

Interview starts at 31:10   Matt Lohmeier, X-Space Force Lieutenant Colonel joins us for a great chat about bringing the positive to this dire situation and staying peaceful in resistance. Matt's great book "Irresistible Revolution" is discussed, along with covid jab mandates, the DOD and the CRT message from the top, the Chinese Cultural Revolution,  connections between Covid, Marxism and the great reset and how do those who wanna be left along defend themselves without becoming totalitarian through revolution....   We also get into UFO's - Nellis and Area 51 no fly zones,...

More Episodes
Interview starts 47 min
Irlianna Samsara joins for a chat about the upcoming Great American Total Eclipse. We talk about Reading the eclipse, the geological change possibilities, Trump and the chart, how it crosses over an old “UFO” town and it’s connection to Edgar Cayce.
Irlianna is an astrologer, intuitive and energy medicine practitioner and has been studying the Great American Eclipse for the past year. We chat about all things eclipse, Darren’s trip down to see it, the path of it - 37th parallel UFO highway, the cycles of them, and earlier events.
We also get into building the new instead of fearing the old, ET - contact, immunity to lower frequencies, portals, CSETI, crystal bowls, sound healing and much much more.
In the intro Red Pill Junkie joins us and he chats about remembering the Total Eclipse from Mexico in 1991, a possible increase in UFO sightings during this time, some of his recent work, and his view on CSETI in context of Robbie Graham’s new book “Reframing the Debate” about UFO’s. 
Darren mentions the upcoming free viewing of “The Truth About Vaccines” and Graham reads some listener synchronicities and UFO/Feedback.
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