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Girls On The Sideline

Release Date: 10/04/2017

Welcome to Girls on the Sideline! This week, the girls focus on college football, scandals, weird coaches, and dominant teams. They discuss the shocking loss of LSU to Troy University that happened over the weekend and spark the question: Did this loss prove Ed Oregon is struggling as head coach?

They also discuss Alabama’s dominance and how they think there is an abundance of head coaching changes in the SEC because of their dominance as well as how that 41-0 loss by Tennessee to Georgia was bad, but what made it worse was coach Butch Jones’ press conference.



Highlights of Today’s Episode:

  • Florida and LSU right now are pretty bad.
  • Georgia Tech might be the only team who can beat Alabama.
  • Why Charlie Strong is killing it in USF.
  • The controversy involving the NCAA, Adidas, University of Louisville, players, and the FBI.
  • Do scandals affect how fans feel about collegiate sports?
  • How big a business is college sports?
  • How many hours per week does a typical division 1 college player devote to their sport?
  • Why Rick Pitino's trending on twitter.



This Week’s Kevin Sumlin Coach on the Hot Seat Award:



Lindsay’s MVP & LVP of the Week:

  • This week’s MVP award goes to –  Unfortunately, the recent issues didn’t let Lindsay have an MVP this week.
  • This week’s LVP award goes to –  Baltimore fans booing prayer for kindness, unity, and equality. Also, for Lindsay being bad at “Guess the Line”



Whitney MVP & LVP of the Week:

  • This week’s MVP award goes to –  The NFL feels fun again.
  • This week’s LVP award goes to – Why are we still talking about players kneeling? There are so many issues more important out there.


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