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#244 - Brian Sovryn

The Grimerica Show

Release Date: 10/07/2017

#455 - Foster Gamble - Thrive 2 show art #455 - Foster Gamble - Thrive 2

The Grimerica Show

Foster Gamble joins us for a great chat about making Thrive 1 and the new Thrive 2 - This is What it Takes, documentaries that have truly changed our paradigm. The culmination of his decades of research and work to show people what is really going on.

#454 - Greg Carlwood show art #454 - Greg Carlwood

The Grimerica Show

Greg Carlwood, the host of the awesome podcast The Higherside Chats is back in Grimerica to discuss podcasting and Terrain Theory

#453 - Union of the Unwanted 12/10/20 show art #453 - Union of the Unwanted 12/10/20

The Grimerica Show

Another great Union of the Unwanted swapcast where this time we chat about current events, oil politics, the Armenian conflict, voter suppression, potential violence from the right, censorship, and the Repo market.

#452 - Dr. Pam Popper show art #452 - Dr. Pam Popper

The Grimerica Show

Dr. Pam Popper of Wellness Forum Health, and Make Americans Free Again joins us to talk about this Covid Operation (also the title of her new book). We chat about her initiatives with legal action, her regular YouTube channel pushing back against this nonsense, and her new book which is just coming out.

#451 - Dovid Feldman show art #451 - Dovid Feldman

The Grimerica Show

David Feldman, marriage counsellor of dovidfeldman.com - building great marriages, joins us to talk about relationships during this polarizing time. We chat a bit about his podcast “impassioned marriage” and how to engage and support each other through difficult situations, how to function in the house together 24/7, surrounding to your partner, sex education, and new mask mandates as parents….

#450 - Union of the Unwanted 9/28/20 show art #450 - Union of the Unwanted 9/28/20

The Grimerica Show

A great swapcast with many great alternative media minds. We chat about google censorship, the fate of the tech future, independent decentralized media, covid and vaccine safety. 

#449 - Tim James show art #449 - Tim James

The Grimerica Show

Tim James is back to chat about Covid and Chemical Free Body. Tim is the host of the Health Hero show, and we chat about how to handle constipation, and diarrhea in a natural way. We also get into Covid-1984 and the plandemic a bit, we talk about some of the censored cures, and the forced vaccinations. 

#448 - Durrick Walker show art #448 - Durrick Walker

The Grimerica Show

Durrick Walker - an old friend Calgary joins us to chat about his healing from cancer last year and during the beginning of the lockdowns . We chat about his head injuries, figuring out who you are, the last minute trip to the USA to attend Center for Advanced Medicine. We also chat about different healing methods, synchronicities, that timely voice in your head, the trauma all around and then we get into Covid and the craziness around that

#447 - Caroline Cory show art #447 - Caroline Cory

The Grimerica Show

Caroline Cory joins us for an amazing chat about her recent movie "Superhuman - The Invisible Made Visible”. We chat about all the scientists and experiments they did in this movie, making thoughts visible, resonance and DNA changes, and connecting to source.

#446 - Industrial Society and Its Future show art #446 - Industrial Society and Its Future

The Grimerica Show

This is an audio reading of “Industrial Society and It’s Future”. This was written by Ted Kaczynski in the early 90’s and was published in 1995.

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Interview starts 27:10
Brian Sovryn from Sovryn Tech joins us to chat about his podcast, Anarchy, and Tech. We get into libertarianism in Canada, types of Anarchy, the Free State Project, Biometrics, Robot sex, Artificial Intelligence, and the future of virtual reality.
We also chat about the declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the good vs. bad of advanced tech, crypto currencies and much more. Brian has a great podcast, check out the links below for his work:

zog.ninja | The Home of Sovryn Tech, Zomia Offline Games, Audio of ...

 In the intro Darren and Graham talk about Darren's latest sky watch, some listener pre-cog synchro's and the upcoming shroomcast. We share a listener review and please do, review the show. It really helps.
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