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Episode 68 Tha Lounge House Party Round Table

The BullNAChinaShop Podcast

Release Date: 10/18/2017

The Bull-NA-ChinaShop Podcast Episode 68 Tha Lounge House Party Round Table

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Big KEV, Joker, Anthony McLin and Zeb Brooks join the host Ty Lumley for a few adult beverages and a short discussion about what’s happening in the Bully World. Big KEV is in SoCal with his crew to announce a huge collaboration and plans for the future! Big KEV talks about how close he was to being done with the American Bully breed and how some of the OG LOUNGE members have already left. We talk about how he built his Midwest Monstas legacy and how the GreyLine dogs are the base behind everything. Really enjoyed being around these guys and having these discussions!

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