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Episode 71 Featuring Jamie Sweet

The BullNAChinaShop Podcast

Release Date: 11/08/2017

The Bull-NA-ChinaShop Podcast Episode 71 Featuring Jaime Sweet

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This week Jamie Sweet is once again joining your host Ty Lumley with some information every breeder in the United States needs to hear! We also have a special guest appearance by John Sweet! There is a new piece of legislation being proposed in California that prohibits anyone from buying or owning a dog coming from a breeder! California is taking steps toward phasing out breeders and we need to come together to push back against this unconstitutional legislation. ABKC Nationals is also a big topic of the day, only a few days away now, hear about what Ty is doing to prepare or this event! Jamie Sweet makes a special announcement and shows off her new Facebook yearbook! Fun one this week but some serious info, ENJOY!

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