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Blades Ep 2: The Great Charity Box Swindle Pt 1

liberationindustries's podcast

Release Date: 12/07/2017

Season's Greeting listeners! For our holiday horror special, here comes a slippery caper of Blades in the Dark!

With the terror of famine hovering like the ever present Doskvol fog, the Disciples of the Depths spring into action in what may be the biggest canned food scam the city has ever seen. After all, it is much easier to be faithful with a full belly, and if those nobles aren't in a giving spirit yet then perhaps they need some convincing... 

Will Miss Ruby the Spider, Vand the Whisper and Veleris the Hound be able to push some good-natured nuns out of the pickled eel racket? 

Pic is Urban Explorer Aboard Derelict Frigate by Tom Blackwell on Flickr, CC A N$.