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#7 Sierra Nielsen, Founder of Your Soul Sexy on Becoming a Fitness Influencer, Building a Brand on Instagram & the Importance of Self-Love

Beyond Influential

Release Date: 12/13/2017

Sierra Nielsen (@sierranielsen) is way more than a "fitness influencer." Sierra is the founder of Your Soul Sexy, where she is on a mission to get people to find health and happiness by working from the inside out. Sierra's story of how she has turned personal pain and struggle into strength, resilience, and positivity is truly inspiring.

On this episode, we discuss the personal struggles that ultimately led Sierra to becoming an influencer, an honest look at many of the the pressures that influencers face when it comes to their content and their brand, how to grow a following the right way, the Instagram booty phenomenon, having a love-hate relationship with social media and more.   

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