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Ep. 40 Her Movement Ft. Kyshira Moffett


Release Date: 06/06/2017

Kyshira Moffett is the creator of the lifestyle brand, #HERmovement. #HERmovement represents the lifestyle of the busy bombshell – the young professional multifaceted go-getter who is driven, fearless and thinks globally. The content of her site centers around career development, personal branding and brand strategy while incorporating lifestyle themes. (taken from thisishermovement.com) Her famous #Hermovement Twitter chat occurs once a month and uses a different panel of experts each month to share knowledge on different trials and tribulations in the entrepreneurial space with the Twitter community. In this episode we focus on how social media provided Kyshira with the relationships and resources to expand her customer service based brand into tangible products. Her book "Bombshell of All Trades" which will be out 6/12 comes as a result of a friend that started via Twitter. And her cosmetic line flourished due to advise passed along in a Facebook message. These two things alone show that Miss Moffatt knows how to make her social media presence work for her and if you listen closely you can pick up on a few things too!