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Ep. 11: Alzheimers, Axons, and Fruit Flies with Maya Gosztyla

The Straight from a Scientist Podcast

Release Date: 02/11/2018

This interview podcast features Maya Gosztyla, an undergraduate researcher at THE Ohio State University. Maya researches the genetics of axon guidance, or brain wiring in fruit flies, and runs her own Alzheimer's Disease learning blog called AlzScience. We discuss her research, how she balances work with free time, and how she worked her way into her first research lab without hands-on experience.


Here's a great post by Maya on AlzScience describing Alzheimer's Disease 

Here are her latest posts.  Highly recommend for those looking to learn more about Alzheimer's Disease!

@AlzScience Facebook

@AlzScience Twitter

Stay tuned for a special Alzheimer's Disease roundtable podcast with Maya and Connor, releasing later this week!  We'll discuss the idea that Amyloid Beta may not be simply a villain...


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