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Blades Ep 5: The Underground Knifefighting Fiasco Pt 2

liberationindustries's podcast

Release Date: 02/22/2018

Its a filthy damned mess for the Disciples of the Depths in this episode as Veleris the Hound, Vand the Whisper and Miss Ruby the Spider conclude their brutal dealings with the Gondoliers and then do what they can to handle the fallout. This one is going to need stitches...

Blades in the Dark, the game of heists and skullduggery in a haunted industrial metropolis, is brought to us by John Harper and Evil Hat games. It is rich, exciting and captures the feeling it was aiming for perfectly. So stitch some razors in your cap and give it a try!

Pic is Urban Explorer Aboard Derelict Frigate by Tom Blackwell on Flickr, CC A N$