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Olympics Glory!!

Girls On The Sideline

Release Date: 02/21/2018

We are back, and we’re really into the Winter Olympics this year. It may be cold in Pyeongchang, but the hype is pretty hot! From the funny frozen faces of the ice skating competition to the high-risk nature of bobsledding, this year’s Winter Olympics surpassed our expectations. It’s just amazing what athletes can do in the snow, especially when you know how difficult it is to master a sport on dry land.

In this episode, we discuss a lot about the happenings in this year’s Winter Olympics, from the amazing stunts and athletes all the way to the drama and stories both on the venue and on social media. Sports isn’t all fun and games after all, so why should the Olympics be any different? We also spend time sharing our views on gender and racial diversity in sports as well as discuss the issue with NBA superstar LeBron James and a Fox News anchor over a Trump comment.


“To see what the athletes can do out there on the snow is just mind boggling to me." – Lindsay Grindstead


Highlights of Today’s Episode:

  • What makes the Winter Olympics special compared to the Summer Olympics.
  • The highlights of the Winter Olympics.
  • Funny commentators during the Winter Olympics.
  • Winter sports we now find fascinating, but didn’t notice before.
  • Weird ways for you to get into the Olympics
  • Adam Rippon's A+ Twitter game.
  • The NBA All-Star changes and some highlights
  • LeBron James’ feud with a Fox News host over a comment on Donald Trump.
  • What the NBA had to say with regards to their players and political commentaries.


Lindsay’s MVP & LVP of the Week:


Whitney MVP & LVP of the Week:

  • This week’s MVP award goes to –  Steve Kerr on his political stance on gun control.
  • This week’s LVP award goes to – Fox News published a now deleted article that hates on the Winter Olympics due to its gender and racial diversity; Local broadcast in Chicago aired the Winter Olympics logo in a wrong yet funny way.


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