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Leadership Qualities with Chris Cebollero

Your Money, Your Business, Your Life

Release Date: 02/27/2018

Chris Cebollero is a nationally recognized leader and a number 1 international best-selling author and advocate. He is the founder of Chris Cebollero and Associates, a consulting firm with over 100 years experience specializing in helping professionals in healthcare management, small business growth development, and leadership growth and development.


Chris joins me today to discuss the qualities a leader must possess in order to engage and motivate their team. He also explains the importance of a leader taking action and developing others’ leadership skills and the impact of emotional intelligence on our decisions as leaders.


“Leadership is how you engage, satisfy, and motivate your workforce” - Chris Cebollero


This week on the Your Money, Your Business, and Your Life Podcast:


  • Discovering the value of emotional intelligence to generate leadership success
  • Why authentic leaders should create other leaders in their company
  • Why are we losing personal leadership skills in a complacent society
  • How does a leader engage, motivate, and inspire new generations without losing integrity
  • Embracing self-confidence to open up communication between your workforce  





Connect with Chris Cebollero:


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