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Chad Nelson - Wonder in Water, Magic, and Teaching

UNfake It 'till you make it!

Release Date: 04/02/2018

Chad Nelson (@wishwonder) is a remarkable Los Angeles Magician and Entrepreneur. 

Chad has invented many magic techniques used by thousands of performers out there. Most notably, the Clip Shift https://www.artofmagic.com/products/clip-shift has been a game changer in magic. At age 12, he was accepted into the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood and has since been inventing and contributing to the magic community.  

Amongst several topics in this episode, we talk about teaching--the two-way gift, Magicians in a magical world, and the concept of “not having a choice” to be an entertainer. Please Enjoy!

Show Notes
  • [3:25] Interview begins
  • [5:05] Magician Peers - Dan and Dave Buck www.dananddave.com 
  • Chad’s Surfaced Magic Tutorialhttps://www.artofmagic.com/products/surfaced
  • [7:00] Inventing - 'Clip Shift'. A game changer move and beautiful performance invented by Chad. See it and learn it here https://www.artofmagic.com/products/clip-shift
  • [8:00] Competition - “Use competition as a reference point but don’t use it as a fire”
  • [8:41] Not Giving up - "You have to want it so bad with absolute purity."  
  • [9:40] On Teaching - "We [magicians] are basically teaching people how to learn what we want them to know, and that is wonder.”
  • [18:50] - For many years, Chad religiously stayed up till 5am practicing magic. He kept his work secret and just showed the results. 
  • [23:30] Mentors - find them as early as possible. Do practically anything to find and obtain the mentors that fit the lifestyle you want.
  • [24:38] All-Time Lows and what clicked - The Money to Entertainer ratio is not always congruent.
  • Struggles and Triumphs - "I couldn't stop if I wanted to, you don’t become an entertainer or artist because you want to, you get in it because you have to."
  • [28:34] Looking at Relationships and Business - "You don’t want to compartmentalize the two because this is your life." 
  • [32:25] Unfake it - Act like you belong. Understand the power of NO and how to navigate NO. 
  • Chad’s website www.chadismagic.com
  • Chad’s email iknowmagic@gmail.com
  • [37:53] Drink more water. Understand the importance of drinking water, water is so important—make it a habit. 
  • [39:22] Our BFF morning routine - 3 days a week we go into the cold Pacific ocean before 8am, do a jog on the sand, do some cartwheels and have fun at the gym.

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