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NEWRIDGE Episode 10 - Acapulco

The Quest Company

Release Date: 03/12/2018

Oh, my love is a tower, ramparts reaching for the sun.

Oh, my love is a river, pouring forth to enfold you.

Oh, my love is a canyon, plunging down, without end.

And soon you will feel my love.

And soon you will know my love.

In this episode: Dissonance. Carlos. Jessie Deluise.

Game Master: Joseph Leitess / Colt Booth: Andrew Johnson / Wendell Akers: Jonah M. Jackson


Jonah M. Jackson - "Newridge Theme (Lovely, Dark, Deep)"

Tabletopaudio.com - "Spire: The Hatchery"

Art of Escapism - "Primal Invitation" "A Surprising Power"

ASOTWL - "Ronald Sisman and Elizabeth Platzman"

Kai Engel - "Oneiri"

Chenard Walcker - "Acapulco Valentine"

Additional sound design by Dynamicell