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EP 068: How a Woman Can Travel Solo to Africa Safely

Go Solo Live

Release Date: 03/16/2018

Shara Johnson first started solo traveling as an adult when she was doing animal conservation trips to various countries in Africa. Some people might have some misconceptions about the continent and its safety, but Shara dispels those myths on today's episode! Also, on today's episode, Shara shares what solo travel has been able to do to someone who has always been shy her entire life.


Key Takeaways:

*When did Shara first start solo traveling?

*Shara has gone on two Wildlife Fund conservation trips.

*What was it like traveling to parts of Africa to do these conservation trips?

*Why has Shara fallen in love with Africa?

*Shara can finally get her brain to relax and stop going miles per minute when she’s on a safari watch.

*Lately, Shara has been studying the witchcraft culture in Africa and has even made a documentary about it.

*How did Shara first become aware of the witchcraft presence in Africa?

*Some people might have this perception that women who travel solo have very bold personalities. Well, for Shara, that’s completely not true.

*Solo travel has helped Shara overcome her extreme shyness.

*What can people do to take the leap into solo travel?


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