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Joey Chu - Documenting, Listening, and Learning

UNfake It 'till you make it!

Release Date: 04/05/2018

In today's episode, I interview a new friend of mine I met on an Airplane ride from New York to Los Angeles. She is an award-winning film Director & Producer for her recent Documentary film, $30 Dollars to Antartica. We discuss how traveling the world can inspire filmmaking and vice-versa, along with how listening & learning go hand & hand. I’m really excited to present this completely impromptu episode. Literally, a few hours after getting to know one another on the plane, we recorded this interview with only 45 minutes until landing. Please pardon the Airplane sound quality and enjoy my conversation with Miss Joey Chu. @__joeychu
Show Notes:
  • [00:50] Tony talks about Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman Wrap Party in New York.  
  • [6:43] Interview starts 
  • [8:56] Joey’s quick bio - how she found documentary filmmaking and was inspired by locals from Kenya Africa 
  • [15:00] Writing/journaling for reference. Looking back to see what we’ve been through 
  • [17:20] Traveling 
  • [19:20] Joeys Award Winning Documentary $30 Dollars to Antartica
  • [22:05] Antartica dreams, learnings and silence 
  • [26:11] Seeing her mother open up  
  • [27:45] Travel supports her film career and vice-versa. “It [Traveling] makes me care a lot less about petty things." 
  • You can’t judge why people do what they do and if you remember that, it's a great help when shooting documentaries. When you make peace with how people are as individuals, it makes everything more of a pleasurable environment.
  • [32:56] Mentors - Mother - "who cares, why do you care what other people think? Does it really matter?"
  • [35:25] Non Lecturing
  • [36:30] Favorite Documentary recommendations; Wasteland (Garbage Collections into art), Cutie and a Boxer (two struggling artists in New York developing relationships along the way)
  • [39:19] In one word what are you trying to improve on the most? 
  • [40:38] Find out more about Joey's documentary $30 To Antartica here  www.joeychu.com 
  • Joey’s Instagram @__joeychu
  • [42:00] What one step can people take to further their career in the entertainment industry?
  • [43:35] The beginner's mind and the book, How to Think Like Einstein