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Tools for Merging Multiple Realities

NORMA GENTILE sound shaman www.healingchants.com

Release Date: 04/09/2018

1 introduction: Communication and Resonance

2 Invoking Sacred Space (Nature Sphere and Archangel Michael)

3 Balance is Our Natural State of Being

4 What is your Legally Incarnating Soul?

5 MEDITATION: The Embrace of Soul, Body and Earth

6 Money, Ease and Comfort - How what you own may be costing you your life-force

7 How a Narcissist Blinds Your Own Intuition, Keeping You from Knowing Your Own Truth

8 MEDITATIVE SONG: Creating Comfort
What quality of ease, flow and comfort do your body and Soul want you to experience right now?

9 Releasing and Clearing Upper Body

10 Releasing Sacred Space (Archangel Michael and Nature)

11 Conclusion

Norma Gentile, sound shaman
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