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Joseph Hovsepian - Reputation, Ridicule, Redemption

UNfake It 'till you make it!

Release Date: 04/20/2018

My guest today is a director & producer who operates JFA Studio in Burbank California. We talk about how he made his first film as a refugee from Iran with other refugees, his award-winning (multiple) documentary A Cry From Iran, and how he struggled from editing in a small shared room to finally a huge film studio.  We even touch on some unique sleeping tips. Please listen, learn and get inspired I did with Mr. Joseph Hovsepian

Show Notes
  • [3:00] interview Starts - JFA Studio
  • [5:30] Joseph is preparing for a new New Short Film in between running his film studio.
  • [9:20] How Joseph started in the Film Industry
  • [18:00] Staying humble as you grow in the industry
  • [23:30] Strategies Joseph took when he needed more gigs in the begging of his career
  • [25:00] Space shuttle sleeping tips - Youtube: 
  • Sleep with Rocket Ships[28:00] As a refugee in Austria, Joseph shot his first feature film, The Tune Of Nolstagia with his fellow refugees.
  • [31:00] Growing up in Iran and Josephs first experience with filmmaking
  • [36:30] Joseph’s father was brutally murdered for his Christian beliefs in Iran. He speaks how this transformed his life and inspired his award-winning (multiple) Documentary called, A Cry From Iran. Watch it here  
  • A Cry From Iran
  • [41:00] How Joseph approached making A Cry For Iran. Challenges and triumphs. Pitching the project and getting funded
  • [48:45] Mistakes are perfect and what really matters
  • [50:30] Don’t follow everything we are told and don’t feel humiliated in the beginning. “lets try to impress people on screen, not with a brand name or what you spent or how you look like"
  • [54:45] Essential "overlooked items" onset/in studio
  • [56:30] Joseph uses Pinterest for inspiration www.pinterest.com
  • [57:45] One word Joseph is always working on that benefits himself and those around him
  • [58:30] Iranian proverb
  • [58:30] Reach Joseph at www.jfastudio.com   and www.jfa.productions.com Joseph's IMDB
  • [60:00] ONE STEP at a time or you will fall fast. Be the best at whatever level you are at.