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216 Allison Rauscher - Working Class Bowhunter

Working Class Bowhunter

Release Date: 04/27/2018

448 Turkey Palooza 2021 show art 448 Turkey Palooza 2021

Working Class Bowhunter

Turkey Palooza 2021 made for some hard turkey hunting! We still managed to have some fun though! We talk stubborn turkeys, stories from the weekend and Mark Drury even makes a show appearance. Enjoy! 

447 Tag Soup, Midday Quickies & The Undead show art 447 Tag Soup, Midday Quickies & The Undead

Working Class Bowhunter

Indiana turkey camp with Doug, Joe, and Shad! As weird as it may sound... the title says it all! Enjoy! 

446 Victory Archery with Nate Watts show art 446 Victory Archery with Nate Watts

Working Class Bowhunter

Nate Watts from Victory Archery joins us this week on the show! We talk about how carbon arrows are made, spine, hand fletched/inspected,  differences in shafts, Patreon member questions, and more! Enjoy! 

445 Galesburg Archery Club show art 445 Galesburg Archery Club

Working Class Bowhunter

Matt and Billiam from the Galesburg Archery Club join us this week to talk about hosting the 2021 WCB Shewt, 3D archery, getting kids involved, and shooting a turkey or two! Enjoy! 

444 The Forgotten Buck And Turkey Frustrations show art 444 The Forgotten Buck And Turkey Frustrations

Working Class Bowhunter

This week we finally get the story on Doug's last minute buck, we update everyone on how we suck at turkey hunting and take some listener questions! Enjoy!

443 Eric & Dan B.S Session show art 443 Eric & Dan B.S Session

Working Class Bowhunter

This week Eric goes to the Nine Finger HQ to join Dan Johnson for a B.S. session. The guys talk about working crappy jobs, creepy stuff while hunting, stolen cameras and past / upcoming turkey seasons. Enjoy!

442 Travis 442 Travis "T-Bone" Turner | Whitetail Adrenaline

Working Class Bowhunter

This week we are joined by Travis "T-Bone" Turner, Jared Scheffler, and TJ Greenwood from Whitetail Adrenaline. Recorded at the WI Open Season Sportsman's Expo! Enjoy! 

441 Greg Glesinger | Kasey Morgan show art 441 Greg Glesinger | Kasey Morgan

Working Class Bowhunter

We talk everything Whitetails with Greg and Kasey from Drury Outdoors! From consistent success to weather fronts and more. Look for these guys again in the future on the show! 

440 Ted Nugent show art 440 Ted Nugent

Working Class Bowhunter

Ted Nugent joins us on the podcast this week! We discuss the benefits of supplemental feed, partnership with BIG TINE, Spirit Of The Wild, Ted Nugent Camp for kids, Come Take It, and more! Enjoy! 

439 Larry McCoy | Bows & Broadheads show art 439 Larry McCoy | Bows & Broadheads

Working Class Bowhunter

Larry McCoy joins us at the Iowa Deer Classic to talk about the new lineup of Elite bows and what's new from Slick Trick Broadheads! Enjoy! 

More Episodes

Allison joins the show this week in studio! We aren't sure why... but  she made the drive all the way from Wisconsin to talk hunting and B.S. with the guys! Enjoy!

Covered in this episode:

  • Veteran Shout Out - Tyler & Spencer Green 
  • Podcast setup with Allison 
  • Growing up hunting with family
  • Allison's grandfather's turkey hunt
  • Whitetails Unlimited
  • Wisconsin Elk
  • Allison's Blog
  • Women and social media
  • Iowa Vs. Illinois Vs. Wisconsin
  • Rapid Fire Question Segment 
  • Listener Questions Segment 

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