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NFL Draft Highs and Lows

Girls On The Sideline

Release Date: 05/05/2018

The girls are back to their football roots with this year’s NFL draft season. As always, the draft season is still entertaining, with each franchise trying to one-up the other regarding pure entertainment. Some say the NFL Draft sets the tone for the coming season and the girls are truly looking forward to it.

In this episode, Lindsay and Whitney react to the NFL Draft picks. They discuss the highs and lows during draft night, especially when it came to the political and racial aspect of the picks. They also share their expectations this coming season and why they see the upcoming NFL rookies to be an exciting batch.


“With the draft, we get the best of the NFL, and we get the worst of the NFL all at one time." – Lindsay Grinstead


Highlights of Today’s Episode:

  • Their reactions to watching the NFL draft night.
  • The highs and lows during the draft show.
  • Why the Top 5 Quarterbacks are all ranked differently.
  • The incredible brotherhood in the NFL - even with rivals.
  • Why Baker Mayfield is just like Johnny Manziel.
  • What is frustrating with the drafts?
  • What it means for a player to be criticized for being "too smart."
  • Racial inequality in the draft picks.


Lindsay’s MVP & LVP of the Week:


Whitney MVP & LVP of the Week:



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