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S2E09: Chuck Dunning's "Contemplative Masonry," Part 2

Fort Worth 148 Masonic Podcast

Release Date: 05/17/2018

In Season 2, Episode 9, please join Brothers Rhit Moore, Billy Hamilton, and Gabriel Jagush as continue their talk Brother Chuck Dunning about his revolutionary book, "Contemplative Masonry." Contemplative Masonry is not just a book or merely an academic interpretation of Masonry - it's a way of life. Sitting down with Chuck has been something that we've been looking forwards to for a while! We are already hungering to sit down and talk with Chuck again.

You can find Brother Chuck's book on Amazon.com and locally at the Fort Worth Scottish Rite office at 1100 Henderson Street.

00:00:34 - Host & Guest Introduction
00:02:45 - Discussion Question: Are there any lodges that accept women?
00:03:48 - Discussion Question: Christian Freemasons, should I do it?
00:07:30 - Main Episode Content: Chuck Dunning's "Contemplative Masonry," Part 2
01:32:26 - Frateral Quote of the Week
01:33:35 - Host Closing Thoughts
01:37:13 - Chuck's Closing Thoughts
01:39:08 - Contact Info & MasoniCon Plug

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