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Episode 17: Issue 13

The Batgirl/Huntress Podcast

Release Date: 06/10/2018

Issue 13 of Batgirl not only starts off with a BANG, much like the cover, but it also has heart, hope, and heroism.  Cassandra Cain doesn't even don the Bat suit in this issue, but don't worry.  Cass is as awesome as ever.  And let us talk about Damion Scott's pencils.  Yes, Puckett captures Cass's voice, and yes, she is speaking now, but Damion Scott really gives life to this character and the landscape around her.  The story moves so fast because it is action packed, but not in a cheat type way.  Write to me at feathersandfoes@gmail.com about what you think of this issue.  We Cassandra Cain lovers need to stick together.