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Ep. 43 The Magically Disappearing Martavis

Steelers Outpost Podcast

Release Date: 06/18/2018



  1. Martavis Continues to Amaze
  2. Ben and the Little Children
  3. Ben and The Backups
  4. Kevin Colbert Draft Production


Martavis Continues to Amaze


Can this guy do any more to suppress his potential. It's just a rumor now, but where there's been smoke in the past, there's been a forest fire. Does Martavis survive the 2018 off season?


Ben and the Little Children


Sixty-five percent of Americans won't let their kids play tackle football. Ben sets out to do things right. Where does he stand with his own Killer Bees, Benjamin, Baylee and Bodie?


Ben and The Backups

Hot off of Ed Bouchette's keyboard..has Mason Rudolph catapulted himself to the penultimate QB position?


Kevin Colbert Draft Production

It's our annual analysis of Kevin Colbert's draft selections and how his classes have fared over the past 18 years. Check out the website for graphics that will tell the whole story.


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